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Bossuyt Danny
Hello, i've received your 500mW beacon Today with Both my Home brew tranceiver and my Home brew General coverage receiver. Congratulations to you. I'm amazed that such a Small signal van Travel from Zwitserland to belgium. For me it was fun to see my Home brew toys are sensitive enough. Tnx. Danny on1mws.
Hi guys,

Just wanted to let you know that I received your beacon on 30 meters today (May 3, 2017) at around 17.30z from the German Baltic Sea coast.

I was using an indoor magnetic loop sitting on the floor and a Yaesu FT 450 as a receiver.

The signal was about 449.

73 de DL2AKV
Excellent signal in Comano (TI) about 10' ago, with an Alexloop and my KX3 in my garden, surrounded by the house and the hill... All the best es 73!
Charles G0EGR
15:05 - 15:10 UTC s3 to 4 some QSB. Easy to read though. Half size G5RV 8 meters up.
Nermin S58DX
Been listening to a beacon for 1 hour, today 30.05.2017. at 0922 Utc..RST 539 to 339, deep pronunced QSB, bandnoise S2, receiving with preamp on Kenwood TS-570DG.Ant Inverted Vee doublet for 40/20 meters. Cw bandwith 500 Hz...Congrats on 500 mW powerd by solar cells.
Nermin S58DX
EA1AOQ Chus De Prado
559 with some QSB today on 10133.5 at IN52PF with a hexbeam and Icom 7300.
Best 73
Ramon (EA3AVV)
27/05/2017 at 07:00z
Nice signal on 10133.5 rst 569. Vertical antenna Cushcraft R8. My QTH Sabadell (JN11bn)
Nice job! 73's

Alfred (df6ri)
HB4FV/6 gehört
am 26.05.2017 zwischen 08:45 und 08:55 gmt
rst von 569 bis339
qth jn59rl


Surprenant....... Pas de réception sur 30m aujourd'hui (23/05/2017 à 14h UTC), mais votre balise HB4FV/B 500mw arrive 569 depuis 1/2 h en IN96HR sur un dipole filaire orienté ouest-sud est à 5m du sol.

73 à tous
Alain F5OEV
PA9M Marcel

Super to hear your beacon. HB4FV/B 10.133.56 mhz. 559 on little vertical antenne.
Have fun with your team.
Marcel PA9M