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Francis ON6LY
Today nice sig on 30meter (10.133,60Mhz cw) 529 without preamp, some times QSB, Trx here IC7300 and a dipole, best 73 de ON6LY/OP4A Francis
Jose Luis
Your beacon 500 mW HB4FV/B on 10133,50 mHz CW. I have received in Fuerteventura island yesterday. RST 539/569 QSB. Congratulations!
Andy F5TBL
RST 529 le 29.06.17 à 09H00 TU en IN99EP Cherbourg.
Ant : GP
Lucien F6DJW
Balise entendue rst 598 le 27.06 à 17h15 loc HB4FV/B 500mw en JN36EQ 1200madsl solar power : mon loc :JN39BI Thionville antenne lw 30m 6 m higt
décodage parfait sur logiciel FLdigi.
RST 559 at 21:15 GMT on June 26th 2017 in JO21UW
Rig TenTec Omni C with 60 meter horizontal delta loop antenna.


Bob Leask
RST 459 at 0912Z. 23/6/17 en IO92RF. FB signals, tres bien
KX3 et une Delta Loop
73 de Bob, G3XNG
vy strong signal of the HB6FV/B beacon in JN49cd, vy nice. Thanks.
Ekki, DF4OR
George Donaldson
I hear your beacon on 10.13.63Mhz signal 3 readability 5 tone 9 in Athlone IO53xk de EI7KO Best 73
Report fm 14-06-17, 13:33 utc: 559/579.
QTH: Bekkevoort 25km NE fm Brussels. JO20LW
FT817, LW 28m long es 7m up. ASL 60m.
Congrats es vy 72/73 to all fm ON4JXC.
Your 500mW beacon on 10133.5kHz heard here for the first time ever today,15/06/2017 @ 0030 utc.
QTH -South London - IO91WJ
Signals peaking 579 with deep QSB into the S2 noise level.
Rig: FTdx5000MP; Ant: WARC bands trap dipole up 8m aligned NW - SE
Other signals audible: HI3 (S3), W1 (S5), W9(S4), HA3 (weak)
SFI = 74, A=15, K=1
Vy 73
Steve G3UFY