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Your posts always encourage me :0) I&#8217;m getting into the habit of reading them in the morning before I have to face the blinking curser. I like how you mention the highs and lows. Sometimes I feel a little bit bipolar about my writing, as in, &#8220;I&#8217;m awesome!I suck. I&#8217;m awesome! I suck&#8230;&#8221;Is this the week you submit to your beta readers? Either way, good luck.
While it&#8217;s tempting to reach for the chocolate, sugar just makes it worse for me, and makes the bad feelings last longer. It may sound trite, but striving to eat healthy truly helps me deal with the down times and stress of writing. I think as artists, we&#8217;re all super-sensitive to environmental factors, including what sugar and processed foods do to us.And having this online community is just so awesome for instant sharing and support, like you, Laura!